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New Sunday Schedule

Starting September 2024

To the glory of God, First Baptist Bryan has been in and remains in a season of incredible growth. The past several years have seen many changes to our campus and facilities to accommodate this growth, including opening our new addition this past October with 35,000 square ft. for our preschool, kids, GroupLife, and college ministries to continue growing and thriving.

As we have rapidly expanded into all of the old and new areas of our campus and have more than a few times resorted to creative solutions of how to squeeze every bit of use out of our square footage, we knew that if we kept growing we would need to eventually address our Sunday morning schedule to accommodate all of the people that the Lord continues to bring through our doors. Knowing this, we have remained in constant conversation with the Lord and with leadership for the best time to make this move and we believe that time has come.

Below you will find several resources including our new Sunday Schedule (to be implemented in September of 2024), growth charts from the past several years in worship and GroupLife that helped inform this decision, campus maps that illustrate all of the space that will be gained from this new schedule, and some Frequently Asked Questions in regard to this change.

We believe that this new Sunday Schedule will help address the numerous space challenges that have arisen during this exciting season and will help us greater steward all of the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to us while at the same time setting us up to continue to grow and reach more people for Christ.

We are so excited about what the Lord has done and is doing here at First Baptist Bryan, but we are also eagerly expectant for all of the people that the Lord has yet to bring alongside us as we make Jesus our all and share Him with all.