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Multiplying on mission involves critical spiritual formation, missions preparation, serving, and engaging in missions opportunities. Our primary way to ready believers for multiplying on mission is through Journey Groups. Journey Groups help believers to learn to walk in an intimate and abiding relationship with Jesus, understand their spiritual gifting, and to bear the fruit of uniquely multiply their lives on mission. Every person is also gifted and called to build up the church through serving. Missions opportunities are provided so that we can serve and share Jesus with our city, nation, and world. Click below for more information on missions opportunities, serving, and missions preparation through Journey Groups.  

Journey Groups

Making disciples at First Baptist Bryan begins with Worship and in GroupLife.  Both are essential, yet distinctly different. But following Jesus doesn’t end there.  Every believer is made to multiply their lives on mission. Multiplying on mission is the final piece of our spiritual development process. Believers are called to live on mission, build up the church, and make other multiplying disciples. This looks different for everyone, because God uniquely made, gifted, and called each person differently. But we all are given the sacred responsibility to share Jesus with everyone. 


Accountability Groups

Accountability Groups are for 3-5 same-gender disciples who desire to meet weekly throughout the year at a day and time that works best for them. They begin by committing to the spiritual disciplines of scripture reading and prayer during the week, transparent sharing, and encouraging each other to share Jesus in places of personal influence. Accountability is important for making Jesus your all and sharing Him with all for a lifetime. If you have questions about Accountability Groups, click on the Accountability Group resources below, which will answer many of your questions.