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Mom & Dad Disciples

Sunday Mornings

GroupLife connects couples and parents who learn to follow, love each other, and live on mission as disciples of Jesus. Families classes are grouped by family life-stages such as married without kids; single parents; parents of preschoolers, kids, and youth; and groups preferring multi-generational connections.

Journey Groups

Moms and Dads are encouraged to pursue an essential, intimate, and abiding relationship with Jesus. Journey Groups are small, same-gender groups that walk together through a 9-month process called “The Journey,” laying an essential foundation for a lifetime of following Jesus and multiplying kingdom impact.

MidWeek | Wednesdays 6PM

Midweek Studies

Every Spring and Fall semester, MidWeek groups meet to address a life stage issue or an area of needed growth. MidWeek classes include men’s, women’s, and other studies that further one’s life journey with Jesus. MidWeek is also the home of Re:generation and other groups making up our Wellness Ministries.


Every Spring and Fall semester, Re|Engage leads couples to invest in their marriage through weekly at-home work and encouragement in a small group of other couples led by a seasoned mentor couple. We also form Re|Engage mentor groups in mentor couple homes throughout the year, as requested.

Freedom for Families

Discover the biblical truths about roles within the family, children, work, ministry, and your own relationship with God. This course will help you understand and experience God’s best plan for family life. Studies to encourage and equip parents to experience God’s plan for families are regularly offered. 

Healthy Families

Parenting Resources

Parents are encouraged and resourced through our preschool, kids, and youth ministries to spiritually influence their kids at home to make Jesus their all. In addition to this encouragement from church, parents are encouraged to use the following year-round resources.

Crazy Cool Family provides free, practical, and grace-filled resources for parents called Basecamp. This full library of video and podcast resources encourages and equips parents to connect the relationships in their family to Jesus and each other.

Ministry Grid  resources for parents are available on-demand. These video resources help parents understand the biblical foundation for family discipleship as well provide practical equipping for stepping into the role of primary disciple maker of your children. Access the following recommended parent-equipping course pathways, or select specific courses from the course catalog — all at no cost to you.

The RightNow Media  library is full of video resources for kids’ and family viewing, building your marriage, strengthening your parenting, and biblically-based encouragement for life’s journey. 

Fierce Parenting provides a free gospel-saturated podcast and high-quality resources to keep your parenting skills sharp and your heart engaged with your kids. 

Marriage Resources

In addition to marriage encouragement at church, couples need real-time resources as marriage issues quickly arise. Every couple needs to tend to their marriages with a steady stream of attention and investment into their marriages. The following resources provide the flexibility and availability where and when couples need it.

Ministry Grid is an on-demand, high-quality resource library featuring experts from pastoral and marriage-helping professions that help couples plan their future marriage, plant healthy marriage seeds, and pull unhealthy marriage weeds. Access the following recommended marriage-building course pathways at no cost to you, or select specific courses from the Course Catalog: 

Fierce Marriage provides a free gospel-saturated podcast, searchable by topic and high-quality resources to keep your marriage skills sharp and your heart engaged with your spouse, including an affordable video-based marriage course. 

Weekend to Remember.  For more than 40 years, these getaway weekends have witnessed the strengthening, restoration, and reconciliation of marriages. You don’t have to wait for a scheduled group trip to attend. Any couple can attend any weekend that works best for them. There are many dates and destinations from which to choose. 

Serving in Families Ministry

Our Families Ministry serves married couples and single parents before the empty nest years begin. There are a number of opportunities to serve in disciple-making, marriage building, parent equipping, and family discipleship programming. Click below to explore these service opportunities.


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