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God’s Gals

First Baptist Bryan

Featuring Tammy Whitehurst & Robert Burkhart

Theme: Just Us Girls

As friends, we all have ups and downs. There are times in life when friends hold us up and even days when they let us down. However, through it all, friendship is a gift from God and what would we do without it? Get ready to giggle, grin, and give God the glory as we navigate through the rough and rocky shores of life with friends by our side.

Cost: $10/person

Registration: Opens Online on March 19 And in the Atrium on March 24

About Tammy Whitehurst

Tammy is a motivational speaker and writer who encourages and challenges people to live life kicked up a notch. She loves people and women who laugh. Texas raised. Jesus saved, Loving all things cheetah!

About Robert Burkhart

Robert is a Christian humorist featuring musical parodies, zany skits & comedy to entertain audiences. Robert has two basic truths: “Everybody needs forgiveness” & “Everybody loves to laugh!”


Chicken Salad, Pasta Salad, Garden Salad, Summer Sausage/Cheese Tray, Crackers, and Desserts.