We believe GroupLife is essential for disciples of Jesus to learn to follow, love each other, and live on mission. So it’s our desire for everyone to actively participate in a GroupLife class. Classes meet on campus, in homes, and on Zoom. There’s something for everyone! Click the class finder to find the right fit for you.

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Understandably, the last several months have made it impossible to do GroupLife like we did prior to the arrival of COVID-19. But in Hebrews 10:25, we are told not to give up the habit of meeting together. God tells us this for our benefit. So we’ve already eased into GroupLife with Phase 1 & Phase 2, and on Kickoff Sunday, August 23, we asked everyone to begin anew the habit of participating in GroupLife in one of three ways:

  1. Church — in person
  2. Home Group — Zooming with others
  3. Online — through Zoom

Everyone, regardless of where you are on the COVID spectrum, can kickoff or renew the habit of connecting in GroupLife. Kickoff Sunday will be the first Sunday of a 6-week church-wide emphasis called Better Together — our pastor will preach a 6-week Better Together series, our GroupLife classes will present 6 complementary lessons, and there will be 6 weeks of corresponding devotional content for every person who will make the 6-week GroupLife commitment. 

Challenge yourself and your family to begin now the habits God wants you walking in. There’s no better plan than His. Your class leadership team stands ready to help you get and stay connected. To get connected in GroupLife, or to register your commitment to Better Together, click below. 

Better Together Commitment Card

GroupLife Phase 2

We are currently in Phase 2 of our GroupLife reopening. In this phase, a limited number of preschool, kid, youth and adult GroupLife classes are meeting in-person during the 10:00 hour on Sunday mornings. The list of adult classes, as well as their meeting locations, is as follows:

Phase 2 GroupLife Listing
Illuminate – Room 244
PrimeTime – Loft 264C
Pathfinders – Loft 264A
Young Professionals – Loft 264B

Couples BC – Room 230
Parents of Preschoolers 2 – Room 236A
Parents of Kids 1 - Room 242
Parents of Kids 2 – Room 120CD
Parents of Youth 1 – Additional 3A
Parents of Youth 2 – Additional 3B
Multigen Coed 1 – Additional 2A

Median Adults:
Empty Nest – Choir Room
Adult Coed 2 – Room 235
Adult Men – Room 234
Adult Women – Room 233
Multigen Coed 2 – Additional 2B
Multigen Women – Additional 1A
A Closer Walk (Median Coed 3) – Room 231

Classics Coed – Room 120A
Open Door – Room 120EF
Faithful – Room 136
BMBC – Room 135
Eunice – Room 137
Lois Class – Room 139
Grace – Room 128

College GroupLife – Room 241 & 240

If you are a member of one of these classes and choose to participate in person, we recommend you to wear a mask and remain mindful of social distancing.

If you have any questions regarding the plan for your GroupLife class, please contact your class leadership or the pastor over your class.