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Now on Wednesday Nights at 6:15pm

Are you ready to face to face the lions?
Unlike most of the other books in the Hebrew Bible, the book of Daniel is not set in Israel. Instead, it’s in the heart of a hostile, pagan empire where God’s people had been taken captive. The book of Daniel is about how to thrive in a dark world. How? He knew the power to make a difference is found in the commitment to be different. Through this eight-session study, men will connect to the ancint wisdom of Daniel and be inspired to face the cultural challenges of today.

Tuesday Discipleship Brand


Meets at 6:00am at First Baptist Church.
August 20 – October 8


Meets at 6:15pm at First Baptist Church.
Jan 17-March 14
March 21-May 15
August 21 – December 11

Wednesday Discipleship Brand