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SAM - Student Adoption Ministry

 We love that our church is located so close to A&M and Blinn. College is such a formative time of life. Quite often, students make decisions in college that will affect the overall trajectory of their lives. What a strategic time for the church to come alongside college students and help them make Jesus their all.

One way that FBC accomplishes this with college students is through our Student Adoptive Ministry. Many students are making these life changing decisions away from home, on their own for the first time and sometimes feeling isolated. We want our people to be able to provide a home away from home for students that desire that. While students are on their own possibly for the first time, you can be there for encouragement or simply a home cooked meal.

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College Age Minister Application

At ONE27 we know that every believer is a minister with a ministry. You have gifts, passions, and a calling and your college years are a great time to use and grow in those areas. Serving is a vital part of your discipleship journey. So our goal is that when you serve, you know the significant impact you make, you have built friendships on your team, and you are having fun. Take the first step in expressing your interest in serving on one of our teams by feeling out the following application. 

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