Pastor Profile From The Pastoral Epistles

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Pastor Profile from the Pastoral Epistles

1st & 2nd Timothy and Titus

Qualities mentioned: 

  • Blameless, vigorous, just, hospitable, patient, sober, be of good behavior
  • Self-controlled, must love to do what is good, disciplined, upright
  • Love to teach, husband of one wife
  • Must not be self-willed, a drunkard, greedy, covetous, filled with pride
  • Handle own family well
  • Must hold firmly to the truth  2nd Timothy  “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness
  • Regularly preach and teach the Word of God

These Epistles are a trinity in unity , exhorting us to guard the precious “deposit” of the Gospel. 

How?  1 Timothy---we are to protect it!!

11 Timothy—we are to proclaim it !!!

Titus----------we are to practice it !!!!


Our Pastor must regard the Word as absolute and complete—giving reverence and highest authority.

He should be equipped to preach (elocution) and teach (education).

He should have sound, unquestionable personal character attributes.

He should maintain good works as the necessary evidence of salvation.


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