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Go to fbcbryan.org/missions to review missions partnerships and contact Jeremy Palmer at  to explore your opportunities for missions service. 



At First Baptist Bryan we believe that welcoming begins at the main entrances of the church. We desire men and women who exhibit a joyful attitude and a smile and love saying 'hello' to all who come through our doors. We offer the following exterior door greeter volunteer opportunities:

8:45 am Traditional Worship - doors are manned from 8:30 am to 8:50 am
10:00 am GroupLife hour - doors are manned from 9:45 am to 10:10 am
11:15 am Contemporary Worship - doors are manned from 11:00 am to 11:20 am
End of 11:15 service - doors are manned from 12:10 pm to 12:30 pm

To explore serving in these areas email David Gusewelle at

Welcome Desk volunteers and hosts help guests select and locate appropriate GroupLife classes. If interested in serving in the welcoming ministry, contact .

Next Steps Corner volunteers help worship attenders take the next step in their discipleship journey by getting connected in GroupLife, Accountability, and a variety of other ministry areas. If interested, contact .

Our Traditional Worship Arts ministry provides various and exciting opportunities to serve. We want you to find a ministry that will allow you to use your gifts and passion. Whether singing, playing an instrument, or directing in our graded choirs & bell programs, we will help you find your place of service. 

To explore serving in these areas email Matt Marsh at

At 10am every Sunday morning, babies - senior adults connect in age-appropriate groups for fellowship and bible study. Each adult GroupLife class has a Director, Teacher, Inreach, and Outreach leader that forms the leadership team for the class. A variety of service opportunities exist under each one of those 4 key areas of GroupLife. If you desire to help your GroupLife class to grow in kingdom impact, please contact David Booth . He will help you to find a place of service that best fits your spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences. 

We also need volunteers once a quarter to distribute curriculum, and annually to plan and prepare for the annual GroupLife Leadership Training & Appreciation Banquet. Any who wish to serve in this way can   to express their interest. 


"First Wave" volunteers

Parking Lot to Seating Guests


Prayer Team before/ after

Contact Jason Dunton at  to explore these volunteer opportunities at the 11:15 hours on Sundays. 


Last revised May 2021
1). Preschool Rotation: Join our rotation team of volunteers who serve once or twice every six-eight weeks, in one of our 2s-kindergarten age classrooms, during the Contemporary Service hour (this is the hour we have the most preschoolers and therefore have the greatest need for volunteers).

2). Nursery Rotation: This rotation is specifically for men or women who are willing to serve weekly, every other week, or one week per month in one of our three youngest classrooms (infants-about 18 month old toddlers), during the GroupLife and/or Contemporary Service hours.

3). Sunday School Lead Teacher or Assistant Teacher: During the Group Life hour (which we still refer to as ‘Sunday School’ within the preschool!), preschoolers are read a Bible story, taught a Bible truth, and complete correlating crafts/activities. Many of our current volunteers in this area do this on an every other week rotation in order to maintain community with their own adult Group Life class as well.

4). Sunday School Teacher Sub: Preschool teacher subs are added to a sub list to be contacted on an as needed basis. Subs are predominately used within 3s-kinder age classrooms.

5). Preschool Hospitality Volunteer: Be a friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable volunteer at our Preschool Welcome Desk who can assist first-time guests with check-in and escort visitors to their classrooms.

6). Preschool Choir Teacher: Sing, dance, and teach preschoolers basic music fundamentals through fun songs and games during our Wednesday evening programming from 6:00-6:45pm.

P.S. First Baptist Bryan’s policy is that anyone who serves with children is required to meet the following 2 requirements: 1) fill out a background check (attached), and 2) every 2 years, complete the MinistrySafe online child protection training. 

Please contact  to indicate interest in one or more of these preschool ministry service opportunities.


Weekly Needs: Group Life Teachers and classroom helpers for Sunday mornings (9:45-11:15) in the following grades:
• 1st grade (3 needed)
• 3rd grade (2 needed)
• 4th grade (1 needed)
• 5th/6th grade (2-4 small group discussion leaders needed)

Rooted in Worship needs rotation basis for crowd control, sound/media, drama and teaching.

Wednesday Night helpers in kid’s chorus and kid’s discipleship

Contact Renee Brady at  to explore volunteer opportunities with Kids Ministry. 




Red Carpet (Mid-Week Service Opportunity – Semester Long)

They say you never get a second chance to make a great first impression!  Well, that is true in life and also true in the church.  When individuals and families visit our church, they will decide within the first 10-15 minutes of being on our campus whether they will come back! Our Red-Carpet Team is the first to smile and welcome guests in those first few, very important moments.  Specifically, those who serve on the Red-Carpet team are asked to do the following:

  1. Wear a ministry specific t-shirt to be easily identifiable
  2. Man the worship center door for those students coming in late
  3. Man the front entry area to welcome students by name and direct them to the proper area
  4. On occasions, we will have signage for you to wave around in the parking lot for special events / nights.

Grounds Crew (Mid-Week Service Opportunity – Semester Long)

The Grounds Crew is passionate about coffee! But more than that, we are passionate about people. The Grounds Crew is responsible for manning the coffee bar during youth events, especially during mid-week services. Proceeds from the Cafe go toward continuing the ministry endeavors of our church on this campus, around B/C, and even around the world. We are excited to be able to provide volunteers with the opportunity to learn how to make tasty drinks. Whether you are a people person or prefer to work quietly behind the scenes, we have a perfect place for you! Specifically, those who serve on the Grounds crew are responsible for the following:

  1. Setting up the coffee bar before we open for service in order to ensure everything is ready to go.
  2. Manning the coffee bar during times of operation
  3. Training volunteers to properly operate all coffee and slush machinery
  4. Responsibly and ethically handle monies at the coffee bar
  5. Properly cleaning and performing maintenance on the equipment that we are using
  6. Maintain supplies for the coffee bar
  7. Secure all monies / receipts after each period of operation

Media Ministry (Mid-Week Service Opportunity – Semester Long)

Are you a techy that wants to serve Jesus? The media ministry is such an exciting and fulfilling opportunity here at FBC. Leading the body of Christ into the presence of God is an experience unlike anything else. We are a fast-moving team.  We run two services on Wednesday and two on Sunday, both of which are very media heavy. We are always looking for people to help run sound, run lighting, and run media. We'd love to meet you, train you, and see if this ministry is right for you.

Connections (Mid-Week Service Opportunity – Semester Long)

Our Connections Ministry Team is responsible for connecting with students in both middle school and high school. Specifically, we ask one person to serve in the gameroom and one person in the gymnasium. Team members are asked to learn kids’ names, interact with them, and show them the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

  1. Wear a Matt’s House Shirt to be easily identifiable
  2. Familiarize yourself with students’ names
  3. Play games with them
  4. Goal – pray over two students a night
  5. Help maintain order in the ministry areas
  6. Help organize the area and keep it clean

 The Tribe (Mid-Week Service Opportunity – Semester Long)

When you invite people into your home, you probably spend most of the time before your guests arrive and while they are there making sure every room is prepared, clean and tidy. When they leave, you clean and tidy again to return your house to its normal order. It’s the same in God’s house. We welcome over 1guest onto our campus every week! If you have a heart to serve and enjoy working behind the scenes, the Facilities Dream Team may be a great place for you. We have opportunities on Sunday mornings and during the week to help with preparing and maintaining our campus so that guest can have a great experience, and, more importantly, a powerful encounter with Jesus!

  1. Wear a Matt’s House Shirt to be easily identifiable
  2. Arrive early to help make sure things are set up in your area
  3. Join Proseuche for a time of prayer before each service in the worship center
  4. Clean up your designated area each night before we shut down

SGL, Small Group Leader (Sunday Morning Service Opportunity – School Year Commitment)

On Sunday mornings, both the middle school and senior high meet in Matt’s House for an intense time of bible study. In these age and gender specific small groups, students are challenged by an adult leader through accountability, spiritual disciplines, and round table discussion.

  1. Read, Pray, and Prepare for small group discussion prior to your arrival on Sunday
  2. Lead Small Group discussions with your assigned group
  3. Reach out to each student at least once during the semester to check in on them spiritually
  4. Attend the time of prepare for SGLs once a month on the last Sunday night of the month at 5:30 p.m.


There are a ton of one time opportunities to serve in the youth ministry including but not limited to the following: transportation, host homes for Disciple Now, prayer teams, sponsors for youth camps, mission trips, and many more.

To explore serving in these Youth Ministry opportunities, please email , specifying the particular areas of interest that you have. 



At ONE27 we know that every believer is a minister with a ministry. You have gifts, passions, and a calling and your college years are a great time to use and grow in those areas. Serving is a vital part of your discipleship journey. So our goal is that when you serve, you know the significant impact you make, you have built friendships on your team, and you are having fun. Take the first step in expressing your interest in serving on one of our teams by feeling out the following application. 

Link to Apply


We love that our church is located so close to A&M and Blinn. College is such a formative time of life. Quite often, students make decisions in college that will affect the overall trajectory of their lives. What a strategic time for the church to come alongside college students and help them make Jesus their all.

One way that FBC accomplishes this with college students is through our Student Adoptive Ministry. Many students are making these life changing decisions away from home, on their own for the first time and sometimes feeling isolated. We want our people to be able to provide a home away from home for students that desire that. While students are on their own possibly for the first time, you can be there for encouragement or simply a home cooked meal.

Click on the appropriate link below to register to be a part of the SAM program.

College Student "adoptee"      Member / Family "adopter" 

If you would like to explore serving in the College Ministry in other ways, please contact John Davison


First Baptist Church of Bryan offers multiple Single Adult Group Life classes. All of our Single Adult Group Life class’s meet at 10:00 am Sunday morning. The Young Professional’s meet in The Loft BC and consists of single adults in their 20’s and 30’s. Pathfinders meet in The Loft A and consists of single adults in their late 30’s to early 50’s. Primetime meets in room 138 and consists of single adults in their mid-50’s and up.

The Single Adult Ministry at FBC Bryan values single adults leading single adults. If you are a single adult and you wish to volunteer in the single adult ministry, we need you! Each class has an Inreach, Outreach, and Teaching Director who you would report to. Inreach volunteers serve as classroom greeters, record keepers, hosts and hostesses. Outreach volunteers have a heart for missions, serving others in the church and in the community, and being on mission; local, state, national, and international. Teaching volunteers teach bible-based lessons in a teaching rotation that inspires discussion.

To explore serving in Singles Ministry at FBC Bryan email: David Gusewelle, Singles Pastor, at .   


Our families ministries exists to encourage & equip families to make Jesus their all and share Him with all. We work with couples and parents prior to the empty nest season of life. We go about that purpose primarily in 4 ways: 1) connecting adults to GroupLife & Accountability, 2) Marriage Building, 3) Parent Equipping, and 4) Family Discipleship. 

GroupLife & Accountability Volunteer Opportunities

Couples without Kids — Director, Inreach and Outreach Leader
POP1 — Inreach and Outreach Leaders
POP2 — Director, Inreach Leader
POK1 — Director, Outreach Leader
-Apprentice leaders for all positions in all classes for future multiplication
-Curriculum team to distribute curriculum every quarter to classrooms

Discipleship Foundations or reboot:
- Discipleship mentors willing to take 1 or 2 through discipleship “intensives"
- Disciple-maker with teaching gifts to present introduction to discipleship intensive during MidWeek and/or on rotation on Sunday mornings

-Men’s and Women’s group facilitators
-Men’s Accountability Group coordinator (already have Women’s)
-Coaches for groups of 3 groups

Midweek Short-term Closed Groups:
-Teachers for short-term spiritual growth studies

Express interest in any of these areas with

Marriage Building Opportunities

We need couples who can serve as mentors in our marriage renovation ministry called Re|Engage every Spring semester. The onramp to serve in this way is to express this interest with . Approved volunteers will have an opportunity to serve as as apprentice mentors with a seasoned mentor couple. 

There is also opportunity to lead other couples through pre-marriage material, as well as approved marriage book-study classes during our MidWeek programming every fall and spring semester. Express interest with

We also need those who can volunteer in a variety of capacities every Fall semester in putting on a marriage equipping event for the couples in our church. Those with administrative, detail, service, hospitality and design gift sets are particularly helpful for these marriage events. Email Carrie Wright to indicate interest in this service area

Parent Equipping Opportunities

We need couples who can serve as table-group encouragers in our Fall parenting class called EPIC. 

We also need those who can volunteer in a variety of capacities every Spring semester in putting on a parent equipping event for the parents in our church. Those with administrative, detail, service, hospitality and design gift sets are particularly helpful for these parenting events. Email Carrie Wright to indicate interest in this service area

There is also opportunity to lead other parents through approved parenting book-study classes during our MidWeek programming every fall and spring semester. Express interest with

Family Discipleship Volunteer Opportunities

We need volunteers who are willing to research family discipleship resources we can make available to the parents in our church with kids in our Preschool, Kids, and Youth ministry areas. Express interest with   

Several times a year, we put on events for families to deepen family relationships or make connections with other families. These relational connections are critical foundations for intentional family discipleship. We have family fellowship activities every semester, and a Family Camp Weekend at the start of Spring Break week that needs several volunteers to plan and implement these events. To express interest in volunteering with a family event, contact Carrie Wright at 


Contact David Gusewelle at  to explore volunteer opportunities with Classics Ministry. 


Contact Mike Ballard at  to explore volunteer opportunities with Men's Ministry. 


Contact Renee Brady at  to explore volunteer opportunities with Women's Ministry.


Serving others is one of the highest expressions of a disciple's love and commitment to Christ. Our church offers many opportunities to serve the world. One way to impact and reach other nations in our own backyard is through our Spanish Speaking Ministry. If you would like to use your skills, talents and spiritual gifts to make a "glocal" impact, please Contact Teo Cisneros at .