Transition Team Overview Report

Transition Team Overview Report



The Transition Team will present recommendations for church decision in a consistent and orderly manner. The progress toward an informed church decision will include access for one-on-one interviews and discussions with Transition Team presenters and the following congregation-wide opportunities:

16 days prior Informative church-wide announcement with Attachments for Q&A
10 days prior Wednesday evening Q&A, 6 to 7 p.m.
7 days prior Church-wide mail-out of Recommendation
Business mtg Church decision

We intend to use three monthly business meetings from January to March, 2014:

  • January 26, Sunday, 6 to 7 p.m. - Constitution and Bylaws; Business Meeting Guidelines
  • February 23, Sunday, 6 to 7 p.m. - Committee, Council, Team Guidelines/Descriptions
  • March 30, Sunday, 6 to 7 p.m. - As time may require for these or additional matters

The Transition Team remains humbly grateful for the sacrificial service of those who dedicated themselves to the consideration and constructive proposal of the following reports. (Click on any title below or on the webpage menu to the left).

Proposed Recommendations:

Proposed Church Committees, Teams, and Councils Guidelines and Descriptions - 2014

Supportive Reports:

Church Organization Temporary Committee Report

Business Meeting Guidelines Report

Communications Guidelines Report

Mission Activity Working Group Report

Committee Review Working Group Report

One Church – One Body Temporary Committee Report

Worship Review Working Group Report

Discipleship Working Group Report

Identity Report

Ministry Report


We called Dr. Lynn Eckeberger as intentional interim in October, 2012. The Transition Team was nominated, elected, trained and a commissioning service was held in November, 2012.  Over a period of 12 months the Transition Team has called on and was assisted by more than 170 additional church members.

The Transition Team spent almost two months preparing to receive comments from church members. The Team gathered opinions from the congregation by way of survey, aggregated them into common themes, and hosted the March 24th meeting where the church was presented with survey results identifying potential obstacles to our future path. The Transition Team then formulated action paths to address those opportunities.

Assisted by the Committee on Teams and Committees the Team assembled two temporary committees to assist further study. Each of these committees was provided additional workgroups to assure the formation of specific action plans to address church concerns. These members have put in countless hours of work conducting research and writing recommendations to address organizational problems in the church. All these reports will be released on the church’s website on December 2. Below we will highlight a few items that came out of these committee reports.

The Church Organization Temporary Committee (COTC) examined the guiding documents of the church. This temporary committee was assisted by three workgroups: Committee Review, Missions Council Review, and Business Meetings Review (which also addressed Communications).

The COTC determined that committee descriptions in our current Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) were in need of updating. Some committees or teams were found to be inactive. Some had inaccurate titles and operating procedures. All descriptions needed to be formatted for presentation. Every committee, team, and council was asked to submit this updated information. Deacon SOPs were also reviewed and updated by our Deacon Fellowship.

The Business Meeting Working Group recommended that new SOPs for business meetings be adopted to provide for greater participation in FBC business meetings, adequate timing of information dispersal and response from the congregation prior to business meeting votes, and to offer additional training in conducting business meetings. The Communications Working Group recommended that an SOP for communications be adopted to provide more modern means of communications with our congregation, and create two staff positions to focus on media and communications respectively.

The One Church – One Body Temporary Committee (OCOB) was assigned strategic considerations from the present to 2020 assuring the development of our vision and mission. It was provided two workgroups: Worship Review to examine mutually supportive worship methodologies to fulfill our vision; and Discipleship Based Community Review to examine the current experience of discipleship and to suggest enhancements to intergenerational experiences, connections and Baptist distinctives.

The Discipleship Review workgroup recognized Sunday School provides the base line of care for our members. All new members are enrolled in a Sunday School class so that a group of leaders will be responsible for helping them assimilate into the life of the Church. When looking at past deficiencies of the church’s discipleship model, they found that many people have not connected to one another through a Sunday School class.  The Discipleship Review workgroup formulated ideas and recommendations to promote better assimilation and inclusion for new members, and to maximize educational opportunities for the entire church membership.

The Worship Review workgroup provided a multi-styled worship experience for the congregation. Surveys were collected. Our congregation values authentic worship and is willing to alter schedules of both worship and discipleship as necessary to provide both contemporary and traditional worship services.

Further Actions

A. Further Considerations and Report to the Church

The Transition Team sent a recommendation to the Committee on Teams and Committees to form a Committee for Missions and Evangelism. The Mission Activity Working Group advised that a reorganization of the current Acts 1:8 Council would allow the opportunity for greater representation of the entire church body. 

The Committee on Teams and Committees endorsed the recommendation and included in the Committee, Council, and Team Guidelines/Description report to the Church Organization Temporary Committee. A Committee for Outreach, Missions and Evangelism is proposed in the report and will be included in the February 23 Business meeting recommendation. (Committee, Council, Team Guidelines/Descriptions ).

B. Further Considerations

  1. The Transition Team recognizes the superlative efforts of our current staff. Two requests have been made to our ministerial staff:

a. A request to review and consider adopting  practices and guidelines outlined in Guidelines for All Business Meetings.

The Staff has endorsed the request and made the necessary accommodations as to calendaring and programming to support the recommendation regarding Business Meeting Guidelines to be presented in January 26 Business meeting.

b. A request to review and compose a thorough consideration of all that would be necessary to provide one common Sunday morning discipleship experience for all ages and customary groupings of our current Sunday School with regard for growth and expansion. We have asked that the Staff provide a written report to the church in March, 2014.

  1. The Transition Team appreciates the work of the Personnel Committee. The development of a 20 point Personnel Performance Evaluation System with supervisor and direct-report bi-lateral written communication and development plans for improvement has already been installed and operative to our staff.  In addition the Transition Team has requested:
    1. The Personnel Committee, recognizing that instruction will come from the Senior Pastor, compose a staff development plan as informed by the reports of working groups and committees and with consideration of our current staff, preparing the prospect of a variety of ministerial staff positions prior to the calling of a Senior Pastor.
    2. The Team further expects with appreciation the February 2014 release date of a newly composed Personnel Handbook to the accessibility of church members.
  1. The Transition Team recognizes the support and assistance of the Deacon fellowship. A guiding coalition of the Deacon officers, past Deacon leadership, and Transition Team Deacon members provided remarkable attention to reconciliation. In addition, the restated and clarified Deacon Standard Operating Procedures will be made accessible in January, 2014.