Preschoolers learn the greatest amount of knowledge in the quickest amount of time during this span of life. Preschool programs at First Baptist Bryan introduce concepts about God, which will be a foundation for their faith for the rest of their lives. Our Bible-based curriculum encourages the development of positive attitudes toward God, Jesus, the Bible, self, others, nature, family, and church.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age do you begin accepting infants into the nursery?
We happily start accepting infants, into our nursery, between the ages of 6-8 weeks old.
May I come by and visit the nursery prior to the first time I plan to leave my infant with you?
Absolutely! We highly encourage drop-in visits to our nursery so you can see our facilities and ask any initial questions you may have.
How do I go about registering my child for childcare?
Please stop by our Preschool Welcome Desk and fill out a “Kids & Preschool Guest Information Form” on your initial visit in order to add your family/child into our system. If you are simply needing to add an additional child, to your existing family unit, all we need from you is their name and birthdate.
What items do I need to bring with me when dropping off my child in the preschool?
Please bring your child’s diaper bag/backpack with extra diapers, wipes, bottles/sippy cups, and at least one change of clothes. In order to ensure that no items are lost or misplaced, please be mindful of clearly labeling all items (including the diaper bag itself) with your child’s first and last name.
Do you have a nursing room?
Yes. Directly across the hallway from our infant room is a nursing room for your use. This room is equipped with a changing table, nursing pillows and two rocking chairs. A television is also available to continue watching Sunday’s service on! Please note: A sign has been mounted outside the nursing room door so you may notify others whether the room is ‘Vacant’ or ‘In Use.’
How will you reach me if my child needs me?
We will use your cell phone number to contact you either via text message or phone call if you are needed for one reason or another. We do not like to let children cry for more than 10 minutes; if we are unsuccessful at consoling him/her within a 10-minute time period we will notify you.
What are your safety protocols?
First and foremost, please know that we here in the Preschool Ministry at First Baptist Bryan earnestly desire for you to feel comfortable and at complete ease when entrusting us with the care of your precious child(ren). Therefore, we take the safety of your children very seriously and have implemented the following measures to ensure that your children are kept safe while under our care. 1. Background Checks & Ministry Safe training: ALL paid workers (CMAs: Children’s Ministry Aides) and volunteers/teachers are required to undergo a background check and online child protection training through every two years. 2. Two Adults/Room rule: To ensure the safety of all children, our policy at First Baptist Bryan requires that two adults be present within each preschool classroom at all times. This helps to make certain that one adult is monitoring the classroom at all times, even if another child is being changed or assisted during potty time. This rule applies whether there are 3 children in a classroom or 10 children in a classroom. 3. Safety Team members: We have rotating Safety Team members who are stationed outside the double doors of both our younger and older preschool hallways during each of our three Sunday morning services. They add an additional layer of safety to our preschool space. Safety Team members are tasked with the duty of making certain preschool doors remain locked following transition times as well as enforcing the rule that only persons with a Pick Up Receipt are allowed to enter into our preschool hallways. 4. Pick Up Receipts: Pick Up Receipts MUST be presented at: (1) the double doors of the preschool hallway before being allowed to enter into this area & (2) at your child’s classroom door before he/she will be released to you. Only persons with a Pick Up Receipt may remove your child from their classroom. 5. Sign-in Clipboards: Parent Location sheets are placed outside each of our classrooms in order to: (1) ensure that we have the best and most recent contact information for you in the event that we need to reach/locate you for one reason or another (2) provide our paid workers/teachers with a class roster in the event of an emergency situation.




Wednesdays | 9:30 AM

We come alongside moms and encourage and support them in every stage of motherhood. We intentionally connect by loving each other with a spirit of grace, demonstrating Christ’s love and sharing the Good News by introducing Christ as Lord and Savior and encouraging a deeper relationship with Him through fellowship, community and God’s Word.

MOPS typically meets 3 out of 4 Wednesdays per month from 9:30-11:30am. Childcare is provided during the meetings themselves. MOPS meetings consist of a teaching time, games, crafts and table group discussion time.


VOLUNTEER | Serving in Preschool

Our church is very blessed to have paid workers/CMAs (Children’s Ministry Aides) in the preschool, but we could not do what we do each and every week without church members being willing to step up and volunteer in this ministry area as well. Your role as a Preschool Ministry volunteer is to interact, play with, and love on the kiddos! You have an awesome opportunity to help us plant the early seeds of biblical foundation in our preschoolers through Jesus-focused conversation and interactive play. Our CMAs will take care of diaper changes, potty time, face wiping, handwashing and cleaning of the classroom, so you can focus on your ministry role.

Service Opportunities


Patsy Jones
Preschool & Children's Assistant

office: 979-776-1400