Preschoolers learn the greatest amount of knowledge in the quickest amount of time during this span of life. Preschool programs at First Baptist Bryan introduce concepts about God, which will be a foundation for their faith for the rest of their lives. Our Bible-based curriculum encourages the development of positive attitudes toward God, Jesus, the Bible, self, others, nature, family, and church.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how do I check in my child on my initial visit?
First time visitors, please come to our Preschool Welcome Desk to fill out a “FBC Kids Guest Form.” This form is used to enter your family into our computer system as well as to determine which classroom your child will be enrolled in. Note: After your initial visit, kiosks located near the Preschool Welcome Desk allow for a quick and easy check-in process by simply entering in the last 4-digits of your telephone number.
What is your sickness policy?
We ask, for the sake of all our kiddos, to please not bring your children to the Preschool Wing if they have experienced a fever, diarrhea, vomiting or green snot in the past 24 hours. We do not want to spread yucky germs to our friends and teachers!
Will you let me know if my child remains upset and does not calm down after a certain number of minutes?
Absolutely! We never like to let a child cry for more than 10-15 minutes. If we are unsuccessful in our attempts to distract them and get them calmed down, we will notify you first via text message and then with a phone call (if needed) to inform you of your child’s state and let you decide whether you would like to come pick them up or see if you can console them.


Patsy Jones
Preschool & Children's Assistant

office: 979-776-1400