Pastor Profile

Pastor Profile for First Baptist Church, Bryan

We seek a pastor who demonstrates the following qualities:


A passionate preacher and teacher of the Gospel who:
  • Possesses the qualities, attributes and characteristics articulated in the scriptures of 1st & 2nd Timothy and Titus. 
  • Regards the Word as absolute and complete and gives the scripture reverence and highest authority Christ-centered and spirit guided.
  • Inspires believers and non-believers to seek and respond to life with Christ.
  • Delivers sermons that are Bible-based, inspirational, dynamic, and enthusiastically presented to engage all listeners.
  • Is well-versed in Biblical truths and theology.
A visionary leader who:
  • Is led by Jesus Christ; endowed with integrity and sincerity
  • Embraces and affirms a multigenerational membership with a variety of worship styles and services, and carefully protects the sanctity, reverence and integrity of worship.
  • Has the ability to delegate and build effective teams.
  • Empowers, equips and encourages ministerial staff, deacons, teachers, committees and the congregation to set and accomplish the goals of FBC Bryan.
  • Is gifted with extraordinary leadership and management skills among a diverse congregation and community.
  • Demonstrates the “Priesthood of the Believer.”
A loving, compassionate pastor who:
  • Possesses strong communications skills and is available and open to all groups.
  • Has the ability to communicate God’s love for His people.
  • Is a team builder in working with the church laity, church staff and community leaders.
  • Is committed to a disciplined prayer life and is spiritually and mentally vibrant.
An advocate for missions who:
  • Is highly aware and proactive in building missional communities locally, nationally and globally.
  • Encourages the church to seek ministry opportunities and partnerships with other churches and organizations in order to reach shared spiritually based goals.