Do I have to be a member of the church to attend MOPS?

No, MOPS is open to anyone of any religious background.

What do my kids do during MOPS?

They attend MOPPETS. Children 2 & up are taught a Biblical-based curriculum. Their typical morning includes: stories and activities, songs, play time, coloring, and crafts. Children 12 months and up are given a snack.

Is there a nursing room available?

Yes, there is a nursing room with rockers available in the preschool wing of the church. You may also nurse your child in the MOPS room should you feel comfortable doing so and if your child is not a disruption to the meeting. 

Do we meet in between MOPS meetings?

We try to meet between MOPS meeting for playdates, MOMS nights out, or socials.

Can I invite a friend to MOPS?

We would love for anyone to join us, but childcare is subject to availability. Please check with the MOPS Coordinator if you know a child(ren) may be visiting. 

What if my child does not want to stay in MOPPETS, the childcare program?

Our desire is for all moms in the program to enjoy a morning away from the kids with peace and quiet as we learn and fellowship. We invite moms with newborns to bring their baby with them to the meeting as long as they are not disruptive.

Occasionally a child is unwilling to be left in the program by his or her mother. Help your child find an activity then leave. The teachers are trained to handle any child who needs extra attention or assurance. You will be contacted if there is any continued crying (max. of 10 minutes) or if a problem develops.