Youth Missions

eMERGE: CYM Missions 

Crosswalk Youth Ministry seeks to instill a heart for missions within its students, whether that means spreading the Gospel on the international stage or ministering to our next-door neighbors.

In the case of international missions, we hope to guide our students through processing the experience holistically, with focuses on appropriate fundraising, learning to share personal testimonies, understanding the differences between and values of both short- and long-term missions, and how to carry home what God teaches us in the mission field.

 eMERGE is an outpouring of those goals, combined. This format for international missions emphasizes our youths' need to bring the Gospel to the world's farthest corners, emerging from the darkness with the light of Jesus. We want our students to have firsthand experience in living the "in, not of" missionary approach, bearing Jesus' message with love and compassion over judgment while remaining fundamentally different from the surrounding secular world. The idea behind eMERGE is exploring the fine line missionaries walk: merging with local culture in order to best serve others and emerging from the hold of sin and any unholy cultural entrenchment it might have inspired. We remind our students to be open to what God might teach us about ourselves and our culture through the experience of international missions. But why the lower case "e" in "eMERGE?" Because we also want to remind our students to use the tools with which God has blessed us, to take advantage of the technology we are so fortunate to have. Through our blog, we can minister to those at home and abroad, all the while keeping our families, friends, and supporters, updated on our activities, needs, and hearts. 


During the summer of 2014, our 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students were invited to participate in eMERGE: Johannesburg, South Africa, which took place July 19-August 2. Our team published day-to-day updates on our blog - eMERGE: South Africa.

In the past, CYM students have traveled to Romania, Estonia, South Africa, and Germany to spread the Gospel. Stay posted to see where God will lead us next!