Kids Sunday School

In Children’s Sunday School we seek to engage children in developmentally appropriate teaching and activities to help them experience the lesson with all of their senses.  We staff our classrooms with wonderful, caring and committed adults who genuinely care about kids.

A central part of Jesus’ teaching was on loving and caring for all people.  In our Missions Education, we help children to develop a heart like Jesus that cares deeply for our friends, neighbors, and people around the world.  Through teaching, guest speakers, activities, and creative projects, children will not only learn about others who share the Good News, but will participate as well!

Kids Bible Skills

We believe it is essential for kids to develop Bible Skills that allow them to read and study God’s Word as they grow.  On Sunday evenings, kids have the opportunity to participate in Bible Buddies (1st-3rd Grades) or Bible Drill (4th-6th Grades).  Though games and fun learning activities, kids will develop skills such as locating the books of the Bible, memorizing Scripture, and understanding how the parts of the Bible are put together.

Kids Worship Arts

On Sunday evenings we provide a variety of opportunities for children to worship the Lord through the creative arts, while also learning new skills.  Whether through the dramatic performance through puppets, learning to play the tone chimes and handbells, or joining in song with other children, we help children engage in worshipping the Lord.