Marriage Mentoring

Re|Engage is a ministry that links married couples with a mentor couple for the duration of the Spring semester. 2022 will be our sixth year of Re|Engage. Re|Engage Mentor Groups will complete 16 weeks of marriage development material and mentoring early-January through mid-May.

Here's how a typical night of Re|Engage will look in 2022:  Each Wednesday at 6 pm, couples will gather in the Room 231 gathering space with a time of refreshment, fellowship, and encouragement from our Families Pastor. At 6:45 pm, couples will dismiss to their assigned Mentor Group room of 4-5 other couples. The weekly session will end in time to pick up kids from their ministry areas by 8 pm. 

Signup begins this fall. After you register for the semester, you will be emailed an orientation video and lesson to help you carefully consider the program expectations for the semester. Until then, feel free to reach out with any questions you might have about our Re|Engage marriage ministry.

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Ryan & Stacey's Story


Why Re | Engage?

I don’t know what season of marriage you are in. Every marriage is different. Christy and I are in our third decade as a married couple. Things have changed along the way. We have had challenges—big and small. Through trial and error (lots of error), and a white-knuckle grip on our hope in God’s power to change us, we have seen God renovate our marriage into something we’re happy with and thankful for.

But if we could rewind the clocks, and get a re-do, we would jump at an opportunity like Re|Engage. It would have helped us get on the same page in the early years of our marriage, prepared us for painful and difficult challenges, and given us tools to navigate new seasons in our family life. Most importantly, it would have anchored us to the Author of real hope and change—not in fuzzy, obscure terms—but with real, tangible help. God made us to need Him, His Word, and His people. Each of those is important and essential.

So don’t be embarrassed that you want to re-ignite the spark in your marriage, re-connect with your spouse, or resurrect a marriage that feels dead. Marriage never drifts in the right direction—everyone needs to intentionally invest in and protect their marriage. God made you to need the help and encouragement of others. Christy and I still need it to keep moving forward. Re|Engage is a safe place to explore with God’s people the hope for every marriage Christ Himself offers.

David Booth | Discipleship & Families Pastor

Can't Do Re | Engage?

When couples cannot commit to a semester of Re|Engage, or cannot wait until the Spring, they can access real-time, on-demand streaming platforms built for couples wanting to work on their marriage. The following resources provide marriage-building content whenever and wherever couples need it:

Ministry Grid  is an on-demand, high-quality resource library featuring experts from pastoral and marriage-helping professions. Couples can work through courses together, or along with a mentor couple recommended by the church. Access the following recommended marriage-building course pathways at no cost to you, or select specific courses from the course catalog: 

PREPARE for Marriage  STRENGTHEN Your Marriage  RESTORE Your Marriage

Couples are also encouraged to intake a steady stream of gospel-centered wisdom and encouragement through the articles, podcasts, and resources found at the Fierce Marriage ministry website. Additionally, the RightNow Bible study streaming platform has a vast collection of marriage and family themed studies and conference sessions available for you to work through. 

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