One Church One Body

OneChurchOneBodyHeaderTemporary Committee: "One Church - One Body"

Transition Team Members: Harold Chilton and Michelle Sanderson
Staff: Dr. Lynn Eckeberger


Contributing to the Transition Team's guidance through the Future Focus of the IIM process, develop a proposed comprehensive guide toward the year 2020 that enables FBC Bryan to become “One Church – One Body” to fulfill, grow and sustain its mission.

  • Understand our current church situation inclusive of internal and external environmental forces and key strategic factors to fulfill our mission.
  • Analyze and consider multiple alternatives for fulfilling, growing and sustaining our mission
  • Propose operational definitions for “One Church – One Body;” congregational formats; define "First Baptist Church is..." for external and internal audiences.
  • Develop a proposed comprehensive plan from the present to the year 2020 that enables First Baptist Church, Bryan to become “One Church – One Body” in fulfilling, growing and sustaining its mission.

An initial report on October 1, 2013 and final report to the Transition Team by November 1, 2013.


Balanced by gender, age, membership tenure, and experience; 4-5 Men; 4-5 Women

Co-Directors: Bryan Cole and Neal Lee

Rae Adams Marsha Herron
Jeff Andrick Neal Lee
Bryan Cole Derek Moore
Annette Cortinas Hanna O'Sullivan
Mike Downie Nathan Tichenor