Mission Council Review

MissionsCouncilReviewHeaderTemporary Working Group: Mission Council Review

Transition Team Members: Lance Mitchell and Harry Hogan
Staff: Gary Balmain, Interim Missions Minister


Contributing to the Transition Team's guidance through the Mission Focus of the IIM process, provide continuity, communication, coordination, correlation, and participation opportunities across the missions program for all members of FBC Bryan.

  • Review the functions and effectiveness of the Acts 1:8 Team and the Missions Committee as described in the FBC Bryan Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). 
  • Determine how missions, outreach, and evangelism activities and programs currently supported by FBC Bryan funding and/or supported by FBC Bryan are selected.
  • Evaluate the need to develop a comprehensive mission program goal by which all ongoing and proposed outreach activities can be supported, coordinated, and evaluated.
  • Review the Acts 1:8 team composition and seek to address and include a broader spectrum of the church body.
  • Recommend a method of informing FBC Bryan members of mission opportunities available through affiliated mission partners.
  • Create a mechanism that will evaluate mission efforts supported by FBC Bryan that can annually recommend the continuation or termination of financial support on an annual basis.

Provide an initial report to the Church Organization Temporary Committee by September 1, 2013 and a final report by October 1, 2013.


Balanced for intergenerational voices and representative of the various missions programs currently in place.  4-5 Men; 4-5 Women

Cynthia Benner David Hollingsworth
Paul Bozeman Monty Hunt
Jaime Hardy Frank Scanlin
Georgia Hogan