Committee Review

CommitteeReviewHeaderTemporary Working Group: Committee Review

Transition Team Members: Audra Wilkinson
Staff: Dr. Lynn Eckeberger; Bill Wiman, Minister of Education and Administration


Contributing to the Transition Team's guidance through the Mission Focus of the IIM process, review current Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) concerning committees and develop comprehensive guidelines specific to committees and teams for their creation, role, duties, and accountability for FBC Bryan.

  • Review the current standard operating procedures regarding committees of the church; specifically addressing the number of actual committees currently in the church and those that are included in the SOP.
  • Analyze all committees, either active or inactive, consider the current role in the church, and determine if these committees help the church to fulfill, grow and sustain the church’s mission.
  • Develop specific guidelines to update SOP regarding Committees

Provide an initial report to the Church Organization Temporary Committee by September 1, 2013 and a final report by October 1, 2013.


Committee on Teams and Committees

Clyde Collins Gretchen Hanson
Sandra Davis Jason McMillin
Mickey Gutierrez Jason Whisenant