Business Meetings Review

BusinessMeetingsReviewHeaderTemporary Working Group: Business Meetings Review

Transition Team Members: Ray Finch
Staff: Bill Wiman, Minister of Education and Administration


Contributing to the Transition Team's guidance through the Mission Focus of the IIM process, develop a proposed comprehensive guide that enables FBC Bryan to improve the effectiveness of business meetings for all of its members in the areas of attendance, conduct, and attitudes towards its business meetings.

  • Understand our current church business meetings; understand the internal and external environmental forces (sociological, political, economic and technological) that are and will be impacting FBC Bryan’s ability to hold business meetings that support and aid FBC Bryan in fulfilling its mission.
  • Analyze FBC Bryan’s business meeting situation to consider multiple alternatives that offer the greatest potential for fulfilling, growing and sustaining our mission; review and analyze relevant data (church demographics, committee operations relative to business meetings, hindrances to attendance, methods of carrying out votes and timing of such votes, technological means of voting, etc.) to inform alternatives.
  • Develop new proposed operational guidelines for FBC Bryan’s business meetings that maximize the opportunity for all FBC members to be involved in our business meetings; easily understood by the majority of our membership and should not violate any Biblical principles for such meetings.

Provide an initial report to the Church Organization Temporary Committee by September 1, 2013 and a final report by October 1, 2013.


Media technology expert and representatives from current or past members of the following committees: Finance, Personnel, Properties. Balanced by gender, age, membership tenure. 4-5 Men; 4-5 Women

Linda Berkline (Property) Judith Robbins
Sandy Griffin Jimmy Sasser (Personnel)
Dan Kennedy (Finance) Matt Taylor
Brian Newton Darren Wilkinson
Barbara Reed Mike Wright (Media Expert)