Church Organization

ChurchOrganizationHeaderTemporary Committee: "Church Organization"

Transition Team Members: Suzanne Phelps and Justin Barrett
Staff: Dr. Lynn Eckeberger; Bill Wiman, Minister of Education and Administration


Contributing to the Transition Team's guidance through the Leadership Focus of the IIM process, review and clarify our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and provide a means to disseminate for deeper acquaintance by our membership. 

  • Review and clarify the current SOPs:
  • Review the FBC Bryan Statement of Faith and Church Covenant.
  • Define a mechanism that with an ongoing basis will help communicate the content and reason of the SOPs to new members

An initial report on October 1, 2013 and final report to the Transition Team by November 1, 2013.


6 individuals with knowledge of church organizational governance and representing our existing committees and teams.

Jay Don Watson (Personnel)
Gay Craig (Finance)
James Puckett (Acts 1:8)
Dillard Leverkuhn (Deacon Leadership)
Lisa Nelson (Property)