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From Tara H.

Today we went to Extension 23 to minister to kids. Half of our group went and brought kids from their houses to the church so they could also play. There was a language barrier, but thanks to our translators we were able to talk to the kids so they could play the games. We also taught the kids the Christian Wobble, and they absolutely loved it. In return, they sang a few songs in Zulu for us and it was amazing to hear. The kids wanted to learn an American song so we taught them “Come and Go with me.”

After dancing and singing, we went outside for a few more games like the Hokey-Pokey and red light, green light. Around noon we walked the kids to their homes and returned to the church we were at to eat lunch. We ate the most amazing thing ever; a quarter, it had a hot dog, sausage, an egg, lettuce, and fries on a large piece of bread. During lunch we discovered that there was a soccer game that was going to be happening at the time we had originally planned a worship service, so it was decided that we would return tomorrow to do the worship service with some of the youth at Ext 23.

Since we rescheduled we returned to the farm and had some free-time. Most people took a nap, but four of us went up one of the mountains/hills. The view at the top was breathtaking. God is so amazing and it blows my mind that he created everything so perfectly. God created the world for us to enjoy and delight in what he has made, and that is exactly what we did as we looked over the miles of the South African landscape. After the long hike, we returned to join with the rest of the group in drawing some abstract art for the orphans to color for their art auction. Our group has grown closer to each other and to God over this trip, and it is a blessing that we are here and have this amazing opportunity to learn about other cultures, while spreading the love and good news of God.


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