Sunday Church

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Today, Sean gave us grace by waking us up 15 minutes later… it was wonderful. We got dressed to attend Cornerstone Church. Walking into the church we immediately felt welcomed. One of the most welcoming parts was that every visitor was invited up to the front to be greeted. We gathered at the front where we were welcomed with many hugs. I was overwhelmed with love and joy as they spoke encouraging words as they hugged every single one of us. One amazing thing that continues to blow my mind here is how passionate they are about worship. We worshiped for a good 30-45 minutes and it was absolutely beautiful. Majority of the people are dancing around, with their hands raised high, singing at the top of their lungs. I remember telling Will that my throat was sore from singing so loud. It was one of the coolest things I have witnessed on this trip. Their offering process is quite longer than ours. Before the baskets are passed around a mini messaged is shared with a prayer at the end and time for everyone to thank God and pray over how much they should give.

When the pastor spoke, he grabbed the attention of many with the moving message of God’s word from the book of Philemon. He spoke of how many of us are wronged by others and how we should forgive them because of the greater forgiveness that we receive. If it is a brother or sister in Christ we should forgive and appoint it to the cross where ALL sins are washed cleaned. It reminded me that although we are turned against or harmed by others we must forgive because God forgives us of so much more than I think we could ever comprehend by sending his one and only son to die for us. WOW! It’s crazy to think of the sacrifice that was made for us because of how sinful we are on a day to day basis. Yet, we find it extremely hard to forgive others even though we have been forgiven of much more. The presence of God was very apparent because of the lives that were being changed by accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. What a beautiful thing it was to see. The pastor prayed a single prayer to each of those who were saved if they wanted, while the rest of the congregation worshipped more. As the service proceeded to end all new visitors were welcomed to have tea while they visited and filled out information cards. This church service was pretty different compared to an American service due to the fact it was about 2-2 ½ hours long and had many cultural aspects mixed into it. I could not stop smiling when we left, with the thought of how greatly God is using the people there and how much they were bringing him glory.

After the service we attended a very delicious lunch at David Even’s house. They were very gracious to have all of us over eating all their food. We had chicken, salad, rolls (I think I had like 5 rolls), potato salad, and a delicious desert called Camp Eden Mud. Soon after, we changed clothes and headed to Extension 23, where we were going to be providing a youth service. Once we got there we walked around inviting youth to come to the service, which showed me that I need quite a bit of work on my Zulu. Next we headed back to the Acts Family Church for the service. The music for the youth service was very interesting. Maria, Paige, and Will shared their testimonies which soon led to the offering that was very similar to that of this morning. Kaleigh taught over Ezekiel 16 which showed us how gracious God is and how he saves us after everything that we have done and continue to do. It was very powerful to see God using her in such amazing ways. The Holy Spirit spoke through Kaleigh giving a strong teaching through the Word of God. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Praise be to God for the glorious day that he has made and we definitely rejoiced in it. Today I was blown away by how powerful God is and the grace that he continues to give us daily.

Glory be to God, from your sister in Christ, MEGHAN


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