Praise and Worship

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Today was absolutely incredible. This morning we started off being filled with the word of God, and were able to go out with an inspired mindset. Prayers were doused on us and God’s greatness was known far and wide in each of our hearts. We went to a local church and enjoyed boisterous singing with rhythmic clapping added to every song. It was truly a life changing experience. We were told to greet at least 10 people, I assumed it was the traditional Baptist shaking of hands and introductions. You know… the kind comedians make fun of. The kind of handshakes germophobes hate with a passion. This was completely opposite of that, for sure. Everyone greeted with absolute LOVE. They all gave out bear hugs and handshakes. This is the kind of greeting I wish everyone would start doing. Greeting the church family in this way was a wonderful start to the service. I was given the opportunity, along with two other youth, to share my testimony with this church family. God truly spoke through me. This I know, because I was so nervous I was brought to tears before I told my story. Of course, it didn’t help when Justin informed me while I was mentally preparing myself to tell a three minute testimony in front of a large group of people who couldn’t even speak my language, that I was now to speak in one minute, due to the interpreter I was provided. Everything went beautifully by the grace of God, and many people shouted “Amen!” for the story of how my soul was saved. After the service, the youth group filled plastic bags with potatoes, carrots, onions, and fresh greens. This was a very humbling experience.

At the next church, three other youth shared their testimonies. Again, many lives were touched. Sean led the service with a powerful sermon of the gospel. For me, it was awesome to hear this once more. As a regular church goer I know the Gospel by heart, but hearing Sean speak to this congregation blessed me greatly. I was reminded once more of how God’s love is never failing.

We then went out through the neighborhood and invited men, women, and children to attend the evening service and play soccer. My group had an interpreter who gave me new perspective. He prayed healing over a deaf man. It was absolutely incredible. I witnessed a deaf man hear again. God is NOT DEAD. As we got back we saw children waiting to play soccer. I got to play a real soccer game! I felt so athletic, but I was pretty awful at the sport. The young man playing on my team said that I was doing really well for my first time. That made my night! I told my testimony once more at the evening service along with two other youth. Tara Hennigar followed her testimony with a gorgeous lyrical dance. The people were in awe. After Sean’s sermon, four people were saved.

The day was finished with a going away/Christmas in July party for the interns here at J-Life. They have been here serving the Lord for six weeks, and within the past three days we have all grown so close. We had cake and gave them presents. We sang Christmas carols and our national anthem, when the South Africans started singing theirs, and rejoiced in our American pride (They were belting this as I was writing). The days so far have been filled with many smiles and laughter. I am so blessed to be here! I do hope God is teaching all of you new things every day as he has been us. Keep the faith. May your prayer be never ceasing!

Love your sister in Christ, Kaleigh Syler



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