Painting and Kiddos

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              Today is the halfway mark of our trip and we certainly felt it as we “attempted” to wake up. After we had our personal quiet time and group devotional, we sadly had to say good bye to the group that was here in camp for six weeks because they left. Then, we left to go to the group of houses that we went to visit earlier in the week. We went to finish painting one we had done earlier in the week and sand down a new one. However, Bailey, Laura and I worked on examples for an art project created by Justin in the van for most of the time. The project we worked on was for the kids at the orphanage we went to today. The instructions that the kids were given consisted of them having to think of a place that is special to them and draw it only using 2 colors. Plus, they had to draw their place using only 2 kinds of shapes and some lines. After we were done making our examples, I saw that Bailey had made a picture of a lake house, Laura created an ocean scene with a boat, and I drew a library.

Then when I was finished, I went to help sand down the house, which led to me getting to bond with one of the girls who actually lives at the camp we are staying at. I was happy that I got to know her more and the more that we talked the more that I found out how cool it is to go to God for everything just from listening to her talk about her plans for the day. I also realized that when you are trying to be in step with the Lord, your daily schedule revolves around that. After we finished, we headed back to camp for lunch (which was amazing by the way just ask Tara). Lunch consisted of homemade sourdough-like bread with beef soup. While we were eating, an amazing discovery was made! Apparently, we thought the bread was already pretty good but when toasted, its importance and deliciousness ranks up there with the bread of life (we can all thank Sean for figuring that out).

After lunch, we made our way to Shalom orphanage and I kept thinking about how in the world I was going to complete the art mural Laura and I were assigned to make. The lady in charge of the place told us to make something powerful and happy but I couldn’t help but wonder what would be powerful enough to put on a wall. Then, I realized that worrying is pointless and I needed to just let God take control of the situation. When we got there, I saw lots of familiar faces from Wednesday and plenty of new ones. As soon as we opened the van door, I was greeted by a smiling face from a boy named Moses, whom I had gotten to draw with earlier in the week. I was filled with encouragement when I saw that he was ecstatic to see me. Also, I was delighted when the other children were excited to see us.

When everything was set up for the art project, I watched out of the corner of my eye from the back of the room how the children’s faces lit up when Justin, Tara, Megan, and Bailey pulled out new crayons and paper for them to use. We were all a little nervous how everything was going to turn out since we had kids trying to color with a painting project going on in the same room. However, it turns out that kids would rather have crayons and paper than watch two girls trying to paint a verse on a wall with paint that won’t mix correctly! Towards the end of our time there, Justin was looking through the pictures that the kids made and came across one that stood out among the others. As I saw it, my heart was broken because I didn’t need to take an art therapy class to figure out what the picture meant. The child had drew something that represented his past. While looking at this picture, I was reminded again that people from all over not just in the US experienced real situations. Also, I believe I was meant to see the picture because I think the Lord was trying to show me what kind of things I would see and work with when I become an art therapist.

At the end of the day, we’re all having an awesome time playing card games and I’m glad that I can be a part of a group full of people that genuinely have hearts for missions. I pray that everyone can still have the energy and confidence that they do now towards the end of the trip because I know it can be hard to be ready to go when you’re exhausted. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support! It’s absolutely amazing here!

Love, Paige Mitchell



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