Lets paint with white

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              The closer we get to leaving, the more difficult it is to wake up in the mornings. I distinctly remember hearing a difference in Sean’s wakeup call today than the other ones. Usually he knocks like rapid fire on the door and yells “WAKE UP! IT’S 6:30!!” However, today it was a single knock and a weak, measly “Wake up.” In conclusion, you could say we’re all on the edge.

              After I stumbled to the dining room trying to wake up and get my bible at the same time, I quickly had my personal devotional time in 2 Corinthians 4:7-11 and verse 16. I’ve been feeling like lately that my testimony isn’t really something to talk about but, when I read this I was encouraged because everything that we go through life has its purpose. Through that, God shines in us and other people can relate or see it. Then as a group, we had a discussion about the book of Joel with the help of Kevin, whom we got to know well and works at the camp. It is so amazing when God wants you to know and remember something because at the end of our discussion, our new friend quoted my favorite verse, Romans 8:28!

              However, SOMEONE *coughcough* Tara *coughcough* left our room door open and everyone saw the shape our room was in. Apparently, “girl-messy” is worse than “guy-messy” and Tara, Bailey and I got named “messy dorm people” and were forever shunned… (Just kidding we all know we’re secretly loved). Therefore, we got sent to the back of the van as the group went off to the white houses to paint one more as a team. There, we unofficially divided into teams of the Elite and B. The Elite team consisted of all the efficient “hard working” people and their job was the main outside walls of the house except for the left wall. The B team consisted of the average people who like to have deep conversations while they paint and were in charge of the left wall and this random wall that was separated from the rest of the house. I was on the B team with Sean, Laura, Maria and Kevin. Overall, I enjoyed being on B team because I was able to talk plus learn about things that I didn’t know much about and was able to gain information to help use for explaining to my non-believer friends.

              Since everyone worked together as a team on the house, we were done before lunch! However, when we got back I was on brush washing duty with Tara and Bailey for reasons above. When we were done with that and after everyone finished lunch, we were assigned to clean our rooms for also reasons above (hehe). Then, we all met back together to discuss what we’ve learned during this trip. Since you had to put it in only 2 sentences, everyone’s summary was straightforward. After Sean listened to all of us, he broke us up into groups based on similarity and we had to create a Sunday school lesson for what we’ve learned. At first it was difficult, but thankfully Justin came around and gave us teaching tips.

              Once everyone was done, we all had free time and most of us went to go zip lining over a lake! Since I was tired, I decided to hang around and learn about Catholic theology from Sean. It was very interesting because it made me think about how some people say they are Catholic but they hardly know anything about what they are a part of. Also, it helped me understand the way that they think and why my Catholic friends do the things they do.

              Once dinner came around, everyone was able to relax and play card games with each other! I’m starting to get the feeling of reality that we’re leaving soon and I’m a bit sad about it. However, I’m grateful for the time spent here and thankful for everyone praying for us! Thank you again for all of your support and we’ll be home soon!

Love, Paige Mitchell


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