Last Day at Extension 23

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Today we got up extra early for a school assembly. Sean had the notion last night to wake us up either by singing or acting like a borderline psychotic person. Bailey, Paige, and I told Sean to wake us up by acting borderline psychotic. This morning, he woke us up by screaming like a monkey. It freaked everyone out, except for us. Bailey slept through it, Paige believed it was one of us screaming, and I thought it was part of my dream.

After being woken up we ate a small breakfast and then continued to the school. Public schools are called government schools, and most of them here are all portable buildings. We told the kids about ourselves and our schools back home and encouraged them to stay in school. Once we finished at the school we ate at a restaurant to experience a South African lifestyle of eating out. It was delicious!

We went back to extension 23 after breakfast to go talk with people who have aids, HIV, diabetes, and other diseases along with homebound people and pregnant ladies. we prayed with each household we went to and saw God’s work in each of their lives. People truly and deeply appreciated us praying with them today. Each person received us with joy even though there was a language barrier. We did this all day and walked from place to place. Around 5ish we went back to camp to rest after a long day. All of us are very tired, but we are excited to see God’s work here and in our own lives.
Love, Tara


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