Church Family,

Starting this weekend, we are excited to begin hosting in-person services again. As we prepare for the return of in-person worship, we wanted to remind you of our temporarily expanded schedule of services.


4 pm – Traditional
6 pm – Contemporary


8:45 am – Traditional
11:15 am – Contemporary & Spanish

Childcare will be provided for a limited number of kids, ages 2 and under, during our Sunday morning services only. We do ask that you preregister your children for childcare by the Wednesday before. The childcare registration form can be found HERE.

Our staff and church leadership are working hard to ensure a safe and clean environment for worship. In our preparations to meet health recommendations, we wanted to provide you with information on the precautions we are taking.

Precautionary Measures
  • Greeters will open the doors for you. When you arrive, our greeters will welcome you into the building and hold the door for you. This will help limit contact on shared surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer and masks will be available. There will be tables in the atrium with hand sanitizer and masks. Masks are not required in the service, but they will be provided should you desire to wear one.
  • Bibles, offering envelopes, and the offering baskets will be at the tables near the Worship Center exits. We have removed all the items from the back of the pews to discourage touching by multiple people. If you use a Bible from the table, please take it home with you if you do not own one, or leave it on the pew when you leave.
  • Sit in every other pew and towards the middle first. In an effort to encourage social distancing, we have marked off every other pew in the Worship Center. Please do not sit in a blocked off pew. Also, we encourage you to sit towards the middle of the pew first as to not force families to cross over you in the row.
  • Leave six feet between family groups. Family groups are welcome and encouraged to sit together in the service, but please leave six feet between your family and the next family on your row.
  • The service will be dismissed in groups. At the conclusion of each service, we will dismiss the balcony sections first, followed by the lower sections closer to the stage. This will help alleviate bottlenecks and grouping at the exits. Please be mindful of social distancing when you exit and follow directions from the stage and screens.
  • Worship Center will be cleaned in between each service. In between the services our staff and a team of volunteers will disinfect the pews, wipe down used Bibles, and prepare the Worship Center for the next service.

If you do not feel comfortable with attending in person yet, we want you to feel free to remain at home and worship with us online. Our Sunday morning services will continue to be livestreamed as always.

We look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday!


First Baptist Bryan Staff

Last Updated May 19