Lent Devotional Day 25 – Holy

    03.25.20 | Devotional by Chelsye Rich

    Who is like you, O LORD, among the gods? Who is like you, majestic in holiness, awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders?

    Exodus 15:11

    While this verse is written in question-format, the author of Exodus is not looking for the reader to give his/her personal opinion; instead he is aiming to make the Israelites pause and reflect upon all that God has done for them up to this point. He desires to extol God’s character and therefore, writes in a manner so as to bring praise to God’s attributes; using words such as: majestic, holy, awesome and glorious. Moses is trying to make the point that God is unique; that there has never been anyone like Him before.

    What’s amazing about this verse is that it is still true today! God is worthy of our praise because it is He who continues to work in the lives of His people. He has proven Himself greater than all other gods. No other idol that we create can compare to the wonder and majesty of Christ. He is worthy of our complete and total devotion “for the Lord our God is holy” (Psalm 99:9b).

    The Israelites got to witness firsthand the wonders of God’s power and grace. Where they had previously felt threatened by sin and death, God intervened and became their salvation. We too should sing praises to God thanking Him for His matchless perfection, grace, and love for us.

    Pray today

    Lord, I pray that you would help me to not lose sight of how awesome and glorious you really are. Thank you for providing me with the free gift of salvation through your son, Jesus. Remind me often to praise your holy name, for you alone are worthy of my praise and worship!