Lent Devotional Day 2 – Self-Existent

    02.27.20 | Devotional by Jim Heiligman

    Nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything.

    – Acts 17:25

    While Paul is in Athens, he notices all around him artistic works honoring false gods and this greatly disturbs him. So he begins teaching the event that launched Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus. They were intrigued by his teaching. Maybe because they didn’t want to bypass a god and in doing so offend him or her. Which is why they had an inscription on an altar that read, “To an Unknown God.” Part of his sermon is found in our text but allow me to paraphrase: The God of all creation doesn’t live in a temple, built by human hands. Nor does this one true God need our offerings. He needs nothing at all because He is self-existing.

    God is not lacking; He has no needs. If He was lacking or had needs, then He wouldn’t be God. God exists in and of Himself. He depends on nothing and no one, and this is a quality unique to God alone.

    Sometime ago, as I was putting Clarke to bed, I prayed to God thanking God for his creation. I thanked God for making the sun, moon and stars. I thanked Him for making trees and flowers, birds and other animals. And then I thanked God for making Clarke. The moment I said, “Amen” Clarke looked up and asked me, “Daddy, who made God?” So I told him that nobody made God and that God has always been there. I could see in his eyes, his mind turning in wonder and amazement, and then he said, “Wow!” How about you? When was the last time you sat in wonder at this self-existing God?

    Pray today

    God, there’s nothing I can offer that you are in need of. All belongs to you, because all comes from you. Help me remember, O Lord.