04.15.20 | Devotional by Aaron Walling

    Because by the works of the law no one will be justified.

    – Galatians 2:16

    A few months ago, I was in Waco for a conference and I found myself with some extra free time. Rather than sit in my hotel room, I decided to explore the scenery around me and spend some time with the Lord. I was staying close to the river, so I set out to walk along the banks while listening to worship music.

    As I walked along the river, I came to the old suspension bridge. I sat underneath the vast span of cables and woodwork, and marveled at the human ingenuity. I thought about what the bridge symbolized and meant to the city. We often take for granted river crossings and barely think about bridges. But without them travel would be incredibly difficult if not impossible.

    Every bridge represents the solution to a problem. People want to get from one side of the river to the other. How do we do that? We build a bridge. We do that sort of thing all the time. Humans are incredible problem solvers. Technological advancement is all about solving problems and taking man beyond his current limits.

    Bridges help us cross rivers and ravines, planes help us fly, boats help us float, and space shuttles take us beyond our current world. But none of these inventions change our nature. Without the airplane, man cannot fly. Without the shuttle, we can’t reach outer space (much less survive when we get there). And that is the issue at hand. Man cannot change his nature. With all our toil to make life better and easier, our basic nature remains unchanged.

    We all face a fallen nature. Every one of us has fallen short. Ever since sin entered the world, we have all borne that curse. No amount of works, no religious activity, no new technology can change that. Only God can transform our heart. Only Jesus can bridge the gap between us and the Father.

    Today in your time with God, reflect on this thought. Are you trying to clean yourself, make yourself better, or justify yourself? Or do you simply approach our Father as you are? He knows you, and He loves you all the same. He knows only He can make you new again. Will you let Him?

    Pray Today

    Father, only you can make me new again. Only you can give me life as it is meant to be. Lord, I give myself to you. Make me who you created me to be.