College Aged Minister (CAM) Application

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Local B/CS Address*


Which Team Leader position(s) are you applying for / interested in?*

Ex. May 2022

Have you ever been placed on academic or disciplinary probation, or been asked to withdraw by any educational institution? (You may be asked to explain the circumstances.)*

Have you participated in or experienced any of the following within the past two years? (Your involvement in any of these does not necessarily disqualify you from leadership, but may be investigated further as appropriate.)*

Have you been baptized since you trusted in Christ for salvation?*

Please download the spiritual gifts assessment pdf (link can be found at the bottom of this page) to your computer, open it, fill it out, save it, and then upload the completed assessment below. DO NOT FILL OUT IN ORIGINAL TAB. YOUR ANSWERS WILL NOT BE SAVED. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND REOPEN.

Ex. Mon. 2nd - morning, Wed. 4th - afternoon, etc.

Link for Spiritual Gifts Assessment