Our vision is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through Worship, GroupLife, and Accountability, 
who share Him at home, in our community, and around the world.

Accountability is the final step in our vision for making disciples. We understand that accountability may bring uncomfortable thoughts to mind based on past misunderstandings or negative experiences. Accountability at First Baptist Bryan, however, is about one mission: making Jesus our all and sharing Him with all. We, therefore, encourage every member to make room for active participation in Worship, GroupLife, and Accountability.

All of us have blind spots derailing our efforts to make Jesus our Lord in every area of life. No one just drifts into the disciple's life. It takes daily intentionality, and the help of others, to deny self and follow Jesus. Accountability Groups of 3-5 believers (same gender) provide a spiritual growth context where disciples are able to share and strengthen each other as ambassadors of Jesus in our places of influence.


Adults can explore Accountability in one of two ways:  1) through the Men's Ministry or Women's Ministry, or 2) in a Journey Group -- each has a unique schedule, style and intensity. You can find out more about Accountability through men's and women's ministry on their respective webpages. Continue reading for more information about Journey Groups.

Journey Groups are for 3-5 same-gender disciples who desire to meet weekly throughout the year on a weekly schedule that works for them. They commit to journey together through an intentional disciple-making curriculum followed by the spiritual disciplines of scripture reading and prayer, transparent sharing, and encouraging each other to share Jesus in places of personal influence. If you have questions about Journey Groups, click on the Journey Group resources below, which will answer many of your questions.

If you would like to begin exploring options for any of these types of Accountability groups, complete the Next Steps form below. You will be connected to the staff member who will help you begin taking necessary steps toward getting you connected in Accountability. Next Steps cards are also conveniently located in the back of every pew in the Worship Center.