Re|Engage Spring 2018

Re | Engage

I don’t know what season of marriage you are in. Every marriage is different. Christy and I are a year into our third decade as a married couple. Things have changed along the way. We have had challenges—big and small. Through trial and error (lots of error), and a white-knuckle grip on our faith in God’s power to change us, we have seen God renovate our marriage into something we’re happy with and thankful for.

But if we could rewind the clocks, and get a re-do, we would jump at an opportunity like Re|Engage. It would have helped us get on the same page in the early years of our marriage, walked us through painful and difficult challenges, and given us tools to navigate new seasons in our family life. Most importantly, it would have anchored us to the Author of real hope and change—not in fuzzy, obscure terms—but with real, tangible help. God made us to need Him, His Word, and His people. Each of those is important and essential. 

So don’t be embarrassed that you want to re-ignite the spark in your marriage, re-connect with your spouse, or resurrect a marriage that feels dead. Marriage never drifts in the right direction—everyone needs to intentionally invest in and protect their marriage. God made you to need the help and encouragement of others. Christy and I still need it to keep moving forward. Re|Engage is a safe place to explore with God’s people the hope for every marriage Christ Himself offers.

David Booth
Families Pastor, FBCBryan
Re|Engage doors open each Wednesday at 6:00pm in Room 231. Couples enjoy a time of fellowship and refreshments after a long day at work. At 6:15 Re|Engage begins with a time of large-group encouragement followed by a weekly small-group experience with a handful of other couples. Re|Engage will end by 8:00pm every week. 

The first three weeks—January 17-31, 2018 — are a chance for couples to “test drive” and carefully consider the program expectations before committing to the semester. We will only place ready, committed couples into “Closed Groups” with a mentor — it’s only fair to the other couples who are ready to make the commitment. So these test-drive weeks are critical for preparing and determining who is ready to be placed into a Re|Engage Closed Group. February 7 - May 9th, Re|Engage will take couples in Closed Groups through 16 weeks of marriage development and mentoring.

We describe Re|Engage as a 2 + 2 weekly investment — up to 2 hours at home and 2 hours on Wednesday nights focused on marriage growth. The monetary investment for Re|Engage is $60/couple. This covers the cost of books, refreshments, overnight retreat and expenses related to mentor development and resources. Couples committed to Re|Engage can request financial assistance by contacting our Families Pastor, David Booth. Don’t hesitate to ask for any help you may need. We love you! 

You do not have to be a member of First Baptist Bryan to be a part of Re|Engage. Because Re|Engage follows the FBC church calendar, there is quality programming for preschoolers, children and youth. 

Getting started is simple: complete the Re|Engage Spring 2018 Google form to register your interested in Re|Engage this Spring. Then, come test-drive this exciting marriage enrichment ministry in January. We’ll walk you through the rest.

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