Church Properties

Dogwood Cove

Dogwood Cove is First Baptist Bryan’s lakefront property on Lake Limestone. The Cove features a fully functional kitchen, a covered pavilion with picnic tables, bathrooms, and a dock.

A perfect getaway spot, the church uses Dogwood Cove for various retreats including children’s campouts, church-wide gatherings, and even family reunions.

Directions to Dogwood Cove

Mileage Directions 
000 From the church take Hwy. 6 through Hearne to Franklin, using Hwy. 79 
32.5 Stay on Hwy. 79 through Franklin to Marquez 
52.8 In Marquez - Turn left onto Hwy. 7 West at Hwy.7 & Hwy. 79 
57.7 (4.9 miles*) Take right onto Hwy. 937 to Lake Limestone 
64.4 (6.7 miles*) At sign that indicates McKenzie and Ferguson Cemeteries, turn right 
68.5 (4 miles*) Turn left onto Shoreline Drive "LCR 743" 
69.7 (1.3 miles*) Enter the property through the gate on the left 
70.0 (.3 miles*) Park at pavilion 

*Mileage from last turn 
(NOTE: Mileage marks are estimates and will vary with your car.)


Incorporated in 2011, First Baptist Bryan assumed control of the restoration and maintenance of Thompson Creek Cemetery. Nestled in the creek bed off Mumford Rd. in Bryan, the cemetery is the final resting place of First Baptist Bryan's founding pastor William Bartlett Eaves. Thompson Creek holds 64 grave sites, 40 marked and 24 unmarked, with dates ranging from 1877 to 1960.

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