EPIC for Parents

What is EPIC? 

EPIC is a parent equipping program for any couple or single parent who desires encouragement and equipping. Each week begins with a large group gathering, followed by interaction in small groups with a mentor couple. EPIC pairs 4-6 couples with a mentor couple. Each week, small groups discuss the growth topic of the week for parents to work on at home. 

Who is EPIC for? 

EPIC is for parents of any age who want to work on their parenting. Some want to strengthen and refocus parenting approaches. Others may be really struggling to hold parent-child relationships together. EPIC can help any of these parents establish their families upon God’s real hope. Whether you want to refocus, strengthen, or stabilize your homelife, EPIC can help parents connect to God’s Word, God’s people and God’s Spirit where real hope and help are found. 

When does it meet? 

EPIC doors open (Room 231) each Wednesday at 6pm during the fall semester from September 5 through December 12th. EPIC will meet every fall semester (in the spring semesters, Re|Engage for married couples will meet). 

Each evening begins with a time of fellowship and refreshments. By 6:15, EPIC large group will begin, followed by breakout groups around tables with your mentor couple.  EPIC will end by 8:00pm. EPIC is an intensive weekly investment of about an hour at home and two hours at church every week. 

August 29th, before EPIC begins, we will be showing the movie Like Arrows to parents in Room 231. We encourage anyone considering EPIC parents to come check out this movie, which will paint a clear picture of the direction EPIC parents will be going in through the semester. Parents will enjoy the night, complete with popcorn and other yummy movie snacks.

Does EPIC cost anything? 

The monetary investment for EPIC is $30/couple or $20/single parent. This covers the cost of books, refreshments and expenses related to other resources. Couples committed to EPIC can request financial assistance by contacting our Families Pastor, David Booth. Don’t hesitate to ask for any help you may need. We love you! 

What about childcare? 

Because EPIC follows the church calendar, there is choir & programming for preschoolers, kids and youth. Choirs begin at 6:00pm and other age-graded programming from 6:45 - 8pm. All children whose parents are in EPIC must be present in programming provided by them during this time.

Why is EPIC important? 

Parenting is hard. And the culture we parent within puts relentless pressure upon families to move in directions contrary or hostile to God’s intended Kingdom purposes. 

No Christian parent automatically knows what God’s Word says about parenting just because he or she is a Christian. In fact, what feels natural or seems sensible in parenting has powerfully been shaped by our secular culture our whole lives. Parents need to be discipled on what the Bible says, and how to put what the Bible says into practice in the real, busy, pressure-filled world of parenting. 

But parents don’t only need know-how, they need encouragement that speaks truth over parenting challenges and parenting mistakes. God’s grace not only covers our weakness, but invites us to experience resources from heaven God makes available to those who follow Him. In a word, it’s EPIC — encouraging and equipping parents in Christ.

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