Practical Witness

Practical Witness

Starting April 18, join us at 6 pm on Wednesday nights in the Fellowship Hall as Chad Clark, founder of Fuel the Fire Ministries, shares practical tips to sharing your faith. In this 5-part series, Chad will discuss listening to the Holy Spirit, he'll give tips to starting the conversation, and he'll tackle some popular myths to evangelism.

About Chad Clark

In 1992, Chad began his career as a firefighter with the Midland Fire Department, where he promoted up the ranks to battalion chief. In addition to day-to-day personnel management and leadership, he responded to all major fires and emergency medical incidents, where he assumed the role of incident commander. He retired from the fire service in 2012.

Having become discouraged and burdened by the state of the moral and ethical decline in America, Chad felt a burning desire to see revival and spiritual awakening in America. He believes the Biblical truth that an active relationship with Jesus is the only earthly and eternal hope for the individual and America. As Chad studied previous great awakenings, he noticed common threads of desperate prayer, a sincere desire for personal holiness and a significant involvement of young people.

He began to pursue his passion of fueling the fire for another great awakening by educating others about God’s requirements for revival found in 2 Chronicles 7:14. This passion, along with encouragement from clergy and lay leadership, led Chad to start Fuel the Fire Ministries. Fuel the Fire is not an event or program. It is a movement focused on bringing revival to the Church and spiritual awakening to the lost.

Chad has shared the gospel with thousands in many places including stadiums, churches, prisons, parks, schools, company safety meetings, Christmas parties and even at a country club. Chad often says, “Nothing makes me feel more alive than sharing the gospel.” His calling to take the gospel to the world has become evident to many. In addition to mass-evangelism, Chad developed the Practical Witness Course.

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